Television Network Partner Benefits

The Co-op has affiliation agreements and relationships with many industry leaders including MTV, FOX and Turner. About 30 television channels are contracted through the Co-op with new networks either in negotiation or under consideration.

A television network does not join the Co-op. The only requirement to conclude an affiliation agreement with the Co-op is that the network be copyright cleared for the entire Region and available to any Co-op Member in the Region.

Rather than negotiating 50 separate agreements, television network partners negotiate one agreement with the Co-op and the Members sign a separate participation agreement that legally binds them to the affiliation agreement. It is the Coop’s responsibility to get the participation forms signed and returned to the network partner.

The Co-op also provides the significant advantage of single point billing. The television network receives one monthly cheque on behalf of all participating Members, on time and with detailed backup. The Co-op collects the fees monthly, summarizes that month’s subscriber counts and remits in total, in US funds, the amount due for that month.

One negotiation, one agreement and one cheque, significantly reducing administrative time and expenses for everyone.